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Plan a visit


First time visitors

Excited to start climbing? First timer or a seasoned pro? Either way we got you covered. Every climber needs to have a waiver filled out before they can climb. Please fill out your waiver and get ready to begin.


What to bring?

Get ready to have fun and be challenged. Bring your own gear if you have it, if not we have enough rental shoes and chalk to get you and your friends climbing.

Wear clothing you can move around in, bring socks if you are renting shoes and water.

Enjoy your day

Our day pass is valid all day so feel free to go to The Crag for lunch and come back for more climbing.


Passes and Rentals

Day Pass

Climb all day, you can come and go as you please throughout the day. Includes fitness area, classes and yoga happening on the same day as your visit.

Adults $25 (IVA included)

Littles $10 (IVA included) 

Rental Climbing Shoes and Chalk Bag

Everyone must use climbing shoes to climb. If you do not have your own you can rent a pair.

$5 (IVA included)


You can't go wrong with a Gift Card! Redeemable for any TamaRocks service or product. Give the gift of a climbing adventure!
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