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Join the Tribe


Join the TamaTribe!

Membership includes unlimited access to TamaRocks during business hours plus climbing, fitness and yoga classes (special clinics and events not included).

Recurring billing occurs every month on the same day that you signed up.

To make any changes, additions, cancelations to your membership, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Rental Shoes and chalk are NOT included in the membership.

Memberships  |  Day Passes  |  Rentals
prices include taxes



Member Benefits

- Unlimited climbing and fitness

- Unlimited classes

- Community events

- No initiation fee

- No cancellation fee

- Pause anytime

- Purchase Guest Passes at a Discount

- Unlimited psyche!

- Recurring Memberships are billed every month on the same day you sign up.

- Family members must live in the same household.

- Special clinics and events may have additional cost.

- Pause or cancellation means you will not be charged for the next billing cycle, no refunds.

-Dawn Patrol Recurring membership only allows members access to TamaRocks Monday - Friday until 2pm includes any classes during that time.

TamaRocks members can purchase guest passes at a discounted price to share TamaRocks with their friends and family. May only be purchased by a member and member must be present to use.

5 pack - $85 +IVA

10 pack - $150 +IVA

1 Person

One Person Recurring Monthly Membership

$85 + IVA = $96.05

2 Person

Two Person Family Recurring Membership

$146 + IVA = $164.98

3 or More People

Each additional person under 18 in a family membership

 $30 + IVA = $33.90

3 person $176 + IVA = $198.88

4 person $206 + IVA = $232.78

5 person $236 + IVA = $266.68

6 person $266 + IVA = $300.58

Dawn Patrol Recurring Membership

Monday - Friday until 2pm

$50 + IVA = $56.50

Weights and Classes Recurring Membership

Don’t climb? Want access to our air conditioned cardio/yoga and weight rooms plus all our non-climbing classes without day or time restrictions? Now you can, with the TamaRocks Weights and Classes Recurring membership. Only $55 + IVA/month.

$55 + IVA = $62.15

1 Month Non-Recurring

One month, does not recur

$100 + IVA = $113

2 Week Non-Recurring

2 weeks, does not recur

$55 + IVA = $62.15

Memberships  |  Day Passes  |  Rentals
prices include taxes


Passes and Rentals

Day Pass

Climb all day, you can come and go as you please throughout the day. Includes fitness area, classes and yoga happening on the same day as your visit.

Adults $25 (IVA included)

Littles (5 and under)

$10 (IVA included)

Rental Climbing Shoes and Chalk Bag

Everyone must use climbing shoes to climb. If you do not have your own you can rent a pair.

$5 (IVA included)

Unlimited Rentals for 1 Month

Get unlimited rental shoes, chalk and harness for one month.

 $28.25 (IVA included)

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