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What is TamaRocks?

Hello World! We would like to take a moment and introduce ourselves. We are TamaRocks! An amazing new rock climbing and fitness facility opening soon in Tamarindo. We are very excited to bring Tamarindo a new option for fitness and activities for Every Body. 


We have a modern climbing gym designed by Walltopia, the largest climbing wall manufacturer in the world! Our route setting has an amazing variety for beginners and seasoned pros alike.


We have an air-conditioned fitness center with equipment from Rogue Fitness including cardio equipment, a full rack system, free weights and more. Plus a yoga studio, showers and a cafe (The Crag Cafe) who is working hard to bring you the best coffee available in Tamarindo.


Rock Climbing is a truly unique sport that is fun for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. TamaRocks is designed and built to give everyone who walks in the door a safe place to try something new, be challenged, train physically and mentally while finding their new community.

TamaRocks brings years of experience from around the world Costa Rica and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful climbing and fitness facility.

Meet the Team

It takes a crew to make the magic happen. This is the small but dedicated team working to make TamaRocks the best place in town.

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