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Climbing  Fitness  Connection


Rock climbing is challenging, both mentally and physically. Get an amazing full body workout while challenging and learning about yourself at the same time.


Our AIR CONDITIONED FITNESS AREAS have Rogue weights, squat racks, cardio equipment and more, everything you need for any workout. Plus, we have showers and a cafe The Crag as a neighbor!


When was the last time you laughed out loud during a workout? Climbing is a global tribe and TamaRocks is the local meeting place. You will find your people here, even if you aren't looking for them.

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Why Climb?

Climbing is for Every Body

Rock Climbing is a truly unique sport that challenges people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. TamaRocks is designed and built to give everyone who walks in the door a safe place to try something new, be challenged, train physically and mentally and find your new tribe.

TamaRocks brings years of experience from around the world to Costa Rica and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful climbing and fitness facility.

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