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March 16th Results and Photos

Photos by @agneskena_visuals

Please tag her if you post any photos.

Passes and Rentals

Day Passes and Non-Recurring Memberships may be purchased in person
Day Pass

Climb all day, you can come and go as you please throughout the day. Includes fitness area, classes and yoga happening on the same day as your visit.

Adults $22.60 +IVA

Littles (5 and under)


Unlimited Rentals for 1 Month

Get unlimited rental shoes, chalk and harness for one month.


Rental Climbing Shoes

Everyone must use climbing shoes to climb. If you do not have your own you can rent a pair.


Rental Chalk Bag

Chalk helps absorb the sweat on our hands and helps protect our skin while climbing. It is not required but it is helpful.


Member Guest Passes

TamaRocks members can purchase guest passes at a discounted price to share TamaRocks with their friends and family. May only be purchased by a member and member must be present to use.

5 pack - $96.05

10 pack - $169.50

December 2nd Competition Results

Click below to see the full results of the CR Youth Bouldering competition hosted on December 2nd.

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